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BioSET (BioEnergetic Sensitivity and Enzyme Therapy) is a program developed by Dr. Ellen Cutler, D.C. over a period of 25 years of study, research, clinical and personal experiences.

The philosophy behind BioSET is that the digestive system governs the immune system.  If a person is eating food that they are intolerant to or have a sensitivity to, this will cause stress on the digestive system which in turn, causes stress and weakens the immune system.  The chain reaction causes the immune system to overreact, leading to sensitivities and illness.  By ensuring the complete digestion of foods using the proper protocol, we can get to the root cause of sensitivities and illness.

BioSET treats each individual according to his or her own unique health challenge.


The BioSET system is not an overnight fix, but rather a carefully planned and monitored process that helps correct the body’s imbalances and sensitivities, resulting in healing and restoration. Patients who are compliant show dramatic improvement with all types of health challenges.

BioSET consists of four steps to obtain optimal health: Detoxification, Enzyme Therapy, Nutritional Therapy, and BioEnergetic Evaluation. These four aspects are carefully balanced to promote healing in the digestive system as well as the immune system in order to maintain wellness. 

Balancing one area without balancing the others is not enough to establish whole body well-being.


The BioSET System’s 4 foundational healing steps 

  • Detoxification

We are bombarded daily with toxins from internal and external sources.  Internal sources consist of undigested food, metabolic wastes, and emotional stress.  External sources consist of physical stress, emotional trauma, environmental toxins,  cosmetics and body care items, chemically treated water we drink and bathe in, food that has been exposed to chemicals, antibiotics, hormones and pesticides, exposure to radiation, and medications.

The body can efficiently handle a certain amount of toxins through the normal detoxification organs, skin and lymphatic system.  The manageable level of toxins is different for everybody.  When the number of toxins in the body is more than it can handle, a person will begin to experience allergies and acute and chronic health problems of all kinds.

With proper evaluation, it is determined which organ(s) and system(s) are affected by the buildup of toxins. A homeopathic/herbal remedy is then recommended to assist the body in its detoxification process. The effects are quick with great results in mental/emotional and physical balance.

  • Enzyme Therapy

When a person is sensitive to a food, when eaten, it does not break down in the digestive system.  Not only are nutrients and vitamins not absorbed from this food, but unbroken down food particles can then pass through a weakened intestinal wall and get into the bloodstream.  The food particles, now being a foreign object in the body, become antigens causing the immune system to react, sending antibodies to investigate this invasion. This process sets off a chain reaction of events, basically causing the body to attack itself leading to autoimmune disorders, illnesses, allergies, and conditions of inflammation.

Digestive enzymes improve Gastro-Intestinal (GI) function by replenishing natural enzymes that are

  • destroyed by heat from cooking
  • not present, because of nutritional depletion in soil
  • not released, because the food is not broken down properly while chewing

Replacing these lost enzymes is vital to ensure proper digestion. When food is not properly digested, it passes through the gut where foods can ferment and rot, and become toxic to the body.

  • The first step in stopping this self-attack on the body is taking a Digestive enzyme every single time you eat. In the BioSET System, we use plant enzymes to help the body break down foods, allowing for absorption and utilization of the minerals and vitamins. When food is properly digested, no food particles pass through the intestinal wall, therefore no undesirable response from the immune system occurs.
  • The second step is to ensure proper bacterial growth in the intestine by using a Probiotic.  A Probiotic will replenish the good bacteria and help provide a healthy intestinal wall lining to ensure no food particles pass through.
  • The third step is to decrease the number of viruses, harmful bacteria, and parasites that are in the body and decrease the inflammation affecting the intestinal wall and its lining.  This is done by using an enzyme called Protease Plus.  This enzyme, when taken on an empty stomach, acts as a natural antiviral, antibacterial, antiparasitic, and antifungal product.  Protease Plus also purifies and cleans the blood by removing dead cells.

The three-step products are the basic plan of enzyme therapy.  If your body is needing extra metabolic enzyme support, other enzyme products are available.

  • Nutritional Therapy

The BioSET System is used to facilitate good digestion and to correct nutritional deficiencies and other systemic imbalances. In some cases, additional nutritional supplements are recommended to correct deficiencies and bring the body into balance. The BioSET System program assesses whether the body is properly utilizing vitamins and minerals, enzymes and water.

  • BioEnergetic Evaluation

Every living and non-living thing has an energy field.  Sometimes when energy fields come together they don’t interact well and cause conflict.  When this happens in the body there is a chain reaction of events.  It starts with the formation of energy blockages within the meridians (pathways where energy flows in the body).  Since each organ has its own meridians, these blockages can also affect the optimal function of the organ.  These energy blockages will also stimulate the nervous system, which sends a message to the brain asking the immune system to respond to the threatening item.  In terms of energy medicine, the disease can develop in a great variety of symptoms.

  • These energy blockages are removed by performing REBA Test to determine the conflicts, thereby utilizing the correct homeopathic medicine (Chavita & Emvita) to unblock the energy meridian pathways

The REBA Test Device technique releases the blockages, corrects imbalances and resets the nervous and immune systems to optimal function. The process of clearing conflicts “ gives the appropriate healing energy code that matches your energetic frequency to restore perfect balance to areas of the body that are experiencing dysfunction or disease.

Once “cleared” of a specific imbalance or sensitivity using REBA TEST Device, the physical symptoms associated with the sensitivity, (i.e. sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, headache, bloating, etc.), as well as emotional conflicts will markedly improve or be permanently eliminated. Our success lies in the fact that by utilizing the 4 steps, we address the root cause of the illness, not merely manage the symptoms.


Final Words

How Are Sensitivities Evaluated?

Sensitivities are evaluated using REBA Test Device that records a variety of energetic signatures of potential conflicts and then registers the energetic resistance to that item.  It is safe and noninvasive.  It is important to note that potential conflicts are evaluated on the stress response of the body, not the immune response. For more information about the REBA Test Device please click here

Two Types of Food Sensitivities

There are two types of reactions to food; intolerance and inflammation response. Both are treatable.

  • A food intolerance indicates that the body can’t break down that particular food.  When a food is not broken down, the nutrients and vitamins from that food are not absorbed and utilized by the body. By using the appropriate digestive enzyme this problem is corrected.
  • An inflammation response to a food is when a food does not break down during the digestive process, passes through a weakened intestinal wall and gets into the bloodstream.  Once in the bloodstream, food particles are now identified as a foreign body, causing the immune system to react. 

 Enhancing Drainage of Toxins with Homeopathy

Detoxification involves the conversion and excretion of toxic substances into non-toxic metabolites. This occurs primarily in the liver and in the intestines. There is two distinct phases of detoxification, commonly called Phase I and Phase II detoxification. These processes biochemically transform toxins into progressively more water-soluble, and therefore excretable, substances through a series of chemical reactions. The BioSET system uses homeopathic remedies to enhance detoxification and drainage of toxins for gentle detoxification without the uncomfortable side effects that sometimes accompany certain detoxification programs. Increasing water intake is necessary for enhanced detoxification as well.

The body is designed to be healthy and balanced. Allergies, sensitivities, and disease are not normal functions of the body. Many health problems arise from sensitivities to foods, environmental toxins, emotional stress, and harmful lifestyle practices.

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