Juni N. - Oregon
CEASE therapy and Homeopathy has been the best choice I’ve ever made!

In August 2013 I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), after missing my period for nearly a year and struggling with an irregular menstrual cycle for years prior to my diagnoses. I was told by my doctor that there is no cure for PCOS, and that I may have a very hard time getting pregnant in the future without the help of fertility treatments. She said that since I am only 20 years old and not married the only thing she could recommend was for me to take birth control, in order to regulate my period. But I knew birth control would not solve anything long term and only make it harder for me to have kids in the future. I never went back to that doctor, I left feeling very heartbroken and desperate for a second opinion.

After talking to my cousin about my problem she introduced me to Sima Ash and homeopathy. I could never thank these ladies enough! Sima gave me hope and all the answers I needed. Our plan included me taking care of my body more, eating healthier, and most importantly for me to detox from the Gardasil vaccine. I received the vaccine when I was 15 years old and have had issues with my menstrual cycle ever since than. It only took two months of detox for my period to come! I was thrilled, not only did I feel better physically but emotionally as well. Prior to this I was very depressed but Sima was always there to guide me and give me advice, she truly cares about my health and overall happiness. I finished my Gardasil detox in December 2013 and since than I have only missed my period twice this year, which is amazing progress! I no longer worry about PCOS because I know that it does not define me, I know that there is so much I can do without having to take any hormones, and I know someday I will have all the kids I could ever want! I feel so much healthier and happier and I owe it all to Sima.

Thank you so much for everything!


Belle S.

I met Sima in June 2013 after fatefully stumbling upon her website. Sima has helped me detox from the gardasil vaccine, which caused me depression and anxiety since I received it at age 13. Sima is my favorite doctor! She was by my side throughout the whole detox- answering my questions quickly and guiding me, despite being on the opposite side of the country. Sima truly cares about you and wants to help you get better. Now I am happy, my life is up and running again and I am excited about my future! I want to continue going to Sima to always stay in good health.

Gabby E., Anaheim, California

I was happily pregnant with twins when I suffered a miscarriage due to a cancerous ovarian tumor.  Sima helped me by providing sound advice on a diet and exercise plan as well as providing me homeopathic remedies that I took as she directed.  I continued to be monitored by my primary care physician and after two months received the news that I was cancer free!  My gratitude to Sima for helping me beat cancer and be around for my husband and children cannot be properly expressed - it is beyond words!  Thank you Sima for your help and all you do.


facebookRon Petruccione
I was lucky enough to meet Dr. Ash at the 64th Annual LIGA conference in Marina Del Rey. It was the first time the conference was held in the USA in over 12years. All of the most world renown speakers and companies where represented. I had just learned of Dr. Tinus Smits, CEASE Therapy (Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression) which incorporates Isopathy (a form of Homeopathy) along with classical Homeopathy, a month prior. When I saw that J.B. Handley of Generation Rescue had written the forward to Dr. Tinus's book and had seen results with his son, I knew I was on the right track. I read everything I could, made all my notes, had all my questions ready and was determined to not let Dr.Tinus, out of my grasp until I had my answers. When I arrived at the conference I was informed he had suddenly passed away. He was located in the Netherlands and personally taught only a handful of people. He had just published his landmark book explaining his findings, but I felt I needed someone to help me implement it, who knew if forwards and backwards, so I wouldn't waist time, money and effort. That's when I met Dr. Ash in the conference halls, as luck would have it, the only homeopath in L.A. that was taught by Dr. Smits. She began making custom isopathic and homeopathic remedies from both the detailed medical records I had complied and her testing. I have definitely seen results and would encourage anyone the least bit curious to look into CEASE Therapy.


facebookMarlene McKee
I know Sima Ash to be an excellent homeopath getting great results with her treatments. Sima now added CEASE Therapy to her regular homeopathic treatments for children with Autism and I have no doubt that she will be equally successful with this new modality. CEASE Therapy uses the homeopathic version of a toxin for the removal of that toxin from the body. Sima is also certified as CEASE Therapy practitioner.

facebookDeborah Reinauer Merlin

Growing up as a young girl in New Jersey in the 1950s and 1960s, I spent a lot of time outside climbing trees. This is exactly when the pesticide DDT was commonly used to kill mosquitoes; I recall trucks spraying the trees on our street every summer.

By researching naturl health issues, I learned that common symptoms of pesticide poisoning include an inability to think, poor concentration, hyperactivity, poor coordination, weakness, nervousness, breathing problems, muscle pains, and twitching—the symptoms we associate with a number of neurological disorders, including ADHD. When DDT gets into our bodies, it’s stored primarily in such fatty organs as the adrenals and thyroid.

I suspect that my exposure to DDT could be the underlying cause of my Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and attention deficit disorder. Under the guidance of Sima, I did a CEASE homeopathic treatment to help me detoxify from DDT.
It was the most amazing detox I have ever experienced. Sima, was there every step of the way. Her knowledge, caring and support made a significant difference in how I was able to manage the detox and its outcome. Thank you Sima! You are a gifted healer.

You can read my blog on the CEASE DDT detox athttp://www.victoryoveradhd.com

Stephanie N.
I have been a client of Sima’s going on two years and can honestly say that I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am without her. I initially made an appointment with Sima because I was incredibly fatigued. I also was struggling with other physical ailments during the course of my life, including endometriosis, allergies, headaches, IBS, acne, rashes and canker sores. In the past, I had tried everything from medications and surgery to an assortment of “home remedies” and nothing ever resulted in a positive change. That is, until I met Sima. She is a life-saver and life-changer. Since I have been on my constitutional remedy, I have had no need for medications. I have had an increase in energy, a decrease in skin irritations, regularity with digestion, and I have been symptom-free of any signs of endometriosis. On the rare instance I do experience a headache, allergies or come down with a cold, I know I can call Sima for help. Not only have I noticed physical changes, I have also changed emotionally and mentally. I have really learned to love and value myself and my talents. I have become the strong, independent woman I am because of the support and guidance she has given me. She has no idea how much she has helped to mold me into the happy, healthy person I am today. I am forever grateful.

When thinking back on the past two years, one night stands out clearly as the best night in a long time. it was the night after I took my remedy. I was experiencing heavy stress and went to Sima to deal with it. I work in the alternative health field and I can honestly say that Sima made me a believer in homeopathy. So when I went to Sima for homeopathy I was half expecting to experience nothing, oh boy was I wrong. The next night I felt the most carefree that I have felt in years. I went out to see a movie and instead of running my own movie in my head while watching the one on the screen I was 100% in the moment and didn't have a care in the world! No amount of "sugar pill" scenario or mind over matter could have been responsible for the release of stress I felt." Homeopathy does wonders and so does Sima!


A true partner in my son’s healing journey from SY, mother to 5yo+ son diagnosed with Autism.

Like any mother with special child, I have tested and tried countless interventions hoping for recovery. ABA, biomedical (DAN and chelation), speech, music, occupational, vision and finally classical and CEASE homeopathy. Eventhough classical homeopathy emphasizes on gentle healing, but it is absolutely crucial for one to work hand-in-hand with an experienced and responsive homeopath or else the aggravation could be damaging.

We started our CEASE detox and healing journey with Sima. We came to Sima after my son suffered the damage of classical homeopathy treatment. (I’d like to stress that homeopathy is still the best healing approach but it could be detrimental to healing without close supervision by a qualified, responsive and experienced homeopath). At that point, I have both read Dr. Tinus’ book and evaluated CEASE approach carefully. I know my son’s autism is the result of multiple vaccine injuries and genetic susceptibility inherited from me. CEASE detoxification approach makes a lot of sense to me. I was very clear that I only wanted a qualified CEASE therapist to guide and help me on this journey.

I am very touched by Sima’s sincerity, directness and responsiveness. We live half the globe away from her but I never felt the inconvenience of our timezone difference. One most memorable crisis incident was when my son had his spasm attack at 9-10pm California time, Sima responded within minutes after getting our SOS email.

CEASE journey can be notorious sometimes. The detox symptoms are often hard on the child. We found Sima very knowledgeable and dependable in helping us to overcome some of the difficult situations. Time and time again, with her support, we managed to push the healing and gains to a higher ground.

Here are some of the significant gains from our past year journey with CEASE therapy:

-         Gross motor:

  1. oBefore: Couldn’t ride a bike, fear of climbing up ladders and playing slide (both in the playground or the swimming pool).
  2. oAfter: Not only riding a bicycle, he could kick a scooter smoothly now (higher difficulty than riding a bike). He has ZERO problem playing in the playground and swimming pool.

-         Sensory

  1. oBefore: Severe tactile sensory issue. Couldn’t walk on the beach. He was overwhelmed and froze standing on the beach.
  2. oAfter: We have been to beach resort 3 times in the past 12 months. Not only he has ZERO problem stomping and running on the beach, he enjoys swimming in the sea too!!

-         Speech

  1. oBefore: MB12 jab helped my son to regain his speech but there was very little spontaneous speech eventhough he has large repertoire of vocabulary. There was 2 years of stagnated growth in terms of speech.
  2. oMy son has been attending mainstream kindergarten. Usually, he is eager to answer written questions on the whiteboard but rarely responded verbally. Neither did he participate in group singing in class.
  3. oAfter: This is the most exciting area of improvement for us. We had so much spontaneous speech coming out and he started experimenting using new language/phrases in the past 2-3 months. Improved clarity in articulation is also very obvious.
  4. oHe is now much more interactive socially. Not only he responded verbally to teacher’s questions, he is now able to describe what he sees and sing along in class.

Overall, in slightly less than 1 year with Sima, we have seen the most significant improvement with CEASE homeopathy than the other interventions we tried. We are really happy to have found a true partner and teacher in my son’s healing journey.


I have been doing Homeopathy with Sima Ash for more than 6 months now. I love her most in all of the doctors , i have seen so far, because i believe she is only person who thinks our kids as her own kid, everybody else i have met so far, just things treating our kids just like another job.

I love her dedication and Support. I always Wish God that my Son to recover in her hands..

Thank you,
S. S.