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Neurocare™ is an FDA approved electronic muscle stimulator that helps patients recover from a number of physical conditions. Some of these include relaxation of muscle spasm, maintaining or increasing the range of motion, preventing muscle atrophy, reeducation of muscle and increase blood flow.

Through the use of electronic muscle stimulators, it has been possible to help diabetics recover faster from their wounds. The Neurocare™ unit significantly increases blood flow to the affected area, allowing the tissue to fight off infection and heal sooner than through traditional methods alone. Studies have shown that a similar approach offers the same results for those suffering from bed sores and gangrene.

Are all electronic muscle stimulators built similarly? No! The makers of Neurocare™ utilize preset electrical outputs that provide consistent results to the patient, while still allowing the practitioner to regulate the intensity so the patient receives optimal treatment.

Neurocare™ is clinically proven to help with the following conditions:

Muscle Re-education – such as incontinence, stroke recovery, frozen shoulder, rehabilitation for knee and hip replacements, etc.

Relaxation of muscle spasms – carpal tunnel, TMJ, plantar fasciitis, tension headaches, whiplash, repetitive or overuse injuries, etc

Maintaining or increasing the range of motion – post surgical rehab, increased ambulation, comfort, and balance to geriatric patients and decreased risk of muscle strain.

Prevention or retardation of disuse atrophy - diabetic neuropathy, maintenance of muscle tone, post-casting and increase in athletic performance

Increase local circulation - increased wound and injury healing, healing of diabetic decubitus ulcers and edema/swelling reduction and elimination

For best results, Neurocare™ may be used in conjunction with a particular treatment plan. Sima Ash is skilled at putting together treatments plans that include homeopathic remedies, supplementation, Turbosonic sessions, REBA and Neurocare to help clients reach their healing goals faster. 



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