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Whole Body Vibration (WBV) has been around in various forms for over 150 years and Sonic Whole Body Vibration has been utilized for years by astronauts as a means of preventing bone and muscle loss in a zero gravity environment. The results were profound and researchers discovered WBV to be of benefit to the general public and are now used worldwide with impressive results.

The sonic vertical wave vibrations stimulate muscle fibers to repeat fast and strong connections and relaxation actions which safely strengthen the body faster than traditional muscle training programs while stimulating EVERY cell in your body. The Mayo Clinic states that whole body vibration reduces back pain, improves balance and reduces bone loss[1].

Clinical research and studies demonstrate that Whole Body Vibration is helpful and beneficial for the following issues[2]:

  • ·    Osteoperosis and Bone Density - vibrations cause compression and remodeling of the bone tissue, activating bone building cells while reducing the activity of the cells that break bone down. This will increase bone mineral density over time.
  • ·    Neurological Conditions – WBV was found to have has positive effects on postural control, mobility, motor function and strength[3].
  • ·    Multiple Sclerosis[4] - WBV influences the postural control and mobility in multiple sclerosis’ patients.
  • ·    Fibromyalgia[5] - vibration safely reduces pain and fatigue.
  • ·    Parkinson’s Disease[6] - whole body vibration therapy significantly improves the clinical symptoms of Parkinson’s  including loss of gait, tremors and akinesia.
  • ·    Human Growth Hormone (HGH) - increased by 361%. WBV helps to create a more toned, muscular and lean body.
  • ·    Cortisol – Stress hormone was impacted by WBV and reduced circulating cortisol levels by 30%..
  • ·    Back Pain[7] - Studies show a significant reduction in pain sensation and pain-related disability[8].
  • ·    Metabolism - WBV boosts metabolism helping with weight loss and helpful to people with hypothyroidism.
  • ·    Improves Blood Oxygenation & Circulation - The rapid contraction and relaxation of the muscles at   20 to 50 times per second basically works as a pump on the blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, increasing the speed of the blood flow through the body.
  • ·    Flexibility and Mobility Researchers found a statistically significant difference in test groups for those utilizing WBV.
  • ·    Pain Management – Helpful in pain treatment including those with diabetic peripheral neuropathic pain[9].
  • ·    Weight Loss & Fitness – WBV helps to increase lean muscle mass and studies show that increasing lean muscle mass makes the body more fuel efficient by burning more calories throughout the entire day; not just during a workout. The more calories the body is able to burn, the higher the potential is for dramatic weight loss.


How It Works

WBV exposes the entire body to vibration including small muscles such as facial and pelvic muscles that can be difficult to exercise. A person stands on top of the vibrating platform for 10 minutes and the muscles interact with the machine’s vibration which do all the work. Depending on the condition, simple exercise while on the platform can be performed to see even more benefit. The intensity of the vibrations and the direction of the vibration are essential for their effect. WBV does not cause any overload to joints, tendons or ligaments virtually eliminating any risk of injury.

Equipment Used and Cost

Healing 4 Soul has been using the Sonic Life SL100H platform with clients and seeing outstanding results. Each session costs $25 and clients experience immediate benefits. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an appointment  or phone 310-738-8878.

Who Uses Vibration Exercise?  You Can Too!  It's Easy, It Works and It's Affordable!

Madonna (Musician)
Jessica Alba
Prince Albert of Monaco
Sean "Diddy" Combs(Musician)
Shaquille O’Neal (Miami Heat)
Lance Armstrong (Cyclist)
Sir Anthony Hopkins (Actor)
Clint Eastwood (Actor)
Colin Montgomery (Pro Golfer)
Craig T. Nelson (Actor)
Daren Holmes (Atlanta Braves)
David Cone (NY Mets)

Gwen Stefani (Musician)
Heidi Klum (Supermodel)
Ivana Trump (Socialite)
J.D. Drew (St. Louis Cardinals)
Jane Fonda (Actor)
Julie Andrews (Actor)
Karl Lagerfeld (Fashion Designer)
King of Saudi Arabia
Larry Nelson (Pro Golfer)
LeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers)
Don Johnson (Actor)
Eric Karros (Chicago Cubs)







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